Brad Trost is a genuine, principled conservative– a 100% conservative – who believes that Canadians are concerned about their families and deserve leaders who respect them and who can and speak for them on ALL the important issues of the day. First elected in June, 2004, Brad (born May 15, 1974) is currently the Member of Parliament for Saskatoon-University, an urban riding in central Saskatchewan at the heart of which is situated the University of Saskatchewan campus. He is also the Official Opposition Critic for Canada-U.S. Relations.

Prior to his election, Brad worked as an exploration geophysicist, having graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with bachelor degrees in geophysics and economics. He also participated in his family’s mixed grain, oilseeds and beef cattle farm operation, and taught English as a second language for a year in Russia before running for public office.

Brad’s parliamentary and legislative experience is extensive, particularly on issues relating to energy, mining and agriculture. Brad introduced legislation to open up Canada’s uranium sector to foreign investment. He founded the Conservative Party’s Energy Caucus and has served as a member of House of Commons Standing Committee on Natural Resources for the past ten years. He has also served on both the Standing Committee on International Trade and the Standing Committee on Industry. He was elected vice-chair of the Canada-U.S. Parliamentary Association.

Brad is an active member of the Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus and is an uncompromising defender of traditional marriage, most recently leading the fight to retain the Conservative Party’s support for traditional marriage in its policy handbook.

Brad, his wife, Gerelt, and their baby daughter, Isabel, make their home in Saskatoon.